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Carmen Sentinella is many people’s first impression of Palace Property Agents.  But Carmen is much, much more than a mere impression – Carmen is the backbone of Palace Property Agents, the glue that holds everything together.  From the first “Hello,” you’ll be impressed with the smile on Carmen’s face and in her voice.  That warmth extends to the courtesy she pays everyone, and is echoed in her attitude toward helping everyone who needs it.

With over 15 years in administrative services and over 7 years in the real estate industry, Carmen understands and believes in the power of organisation.  With a familiarity of all aspects of the real estate industry, from property valuation to settlement and stamp duties, Carmen is an invaluable asset to Palace Property Agents.  Her willingness and capability to learn new things, coupled with her extraordinary customer service, ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

As a local investor in the Karana Downs area, Carmen is also familiar with the amazing investment and lifestyle opportunities the area presents for landlords, tenants and buyers alike, and makes Carmen another Palace Property Agents cheerleader for the local community.


07 3201 1991


07 3201 1991


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